Live Art Projection

Koloraro is a collaboration between artist Geoffrey Wine and Office Broomer
Wine is one of the fastest action painters in the business. His vibrant style comes to life in a unique portable workshop and projected live with customizable videomapping techniques.

Altering the background of your event

Over a period of time Koloraro surrounds your event in a immersive, colourful display in an new and fresh way, while your key program moves on.

Bring it to life

Our projection techniques can communicate with sound, light, fireworks and some parts even come to life after painted on the canvas!

Futuristic 360 workshop

Every show is built around the futuristic 360 workshop. Designed and built for this show it holds over 100 spray cans and bottles and is surrounded by full color LED lights. Around it is a construction that holds the high quality light and camera system for the canvas.

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